The Best Playstation 3 Games

As I get set to graduate to a PS4, I wanted to take a moment to rank the games I owned on the PS3. It was my primary system for over 6 years, and while I’ve also had a Wii/Wii U during that time frame this has definitely been system #1.

One thing that jumped out in putting together this list is that I didn’t buy many games that were outright terrible. The lowest-rated game on this list, Assassin’s Creed III, was still enjoyable to play and gave me double-digit hours of entertainment. I mostly chalk that up to being much more discerning now than when I was younger — I have so much less time to game that it’s worth reading reviews and generally making sure it’s a game I’m going to like before I buy.

Aside from that, my preference for 3rd/1st person action is probably pretty clear, with 22 of the 25 titles. All of my top choices had great story to complement the action, with the top 5 in particular all being fully-fleshed works of art on top of their top-notch mechanics. Continue reading The Best Playstation 3 Games